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Reporting Social Misconduct  


How to Report Social Misconduct

Social misconduct is any misconduct that does not involve a student’s academic coursework.

Two Ways to Report

If you want to report social misconduct, you have two options:

  1. Submit an online report.
  2. Print a social misconduct report form and bring it to our office in Costo Hall, Room 111.

Please Provide:

Location of Incident

Location of Incident

  • Name and/or address of building
  • Specific location (room, hallway, parking lot, etc.)


People Involved

People Involved

  • Include as much identifying information as possible:
    • Full names of anyone involved
    • Student ID numbers of anyone involved
    • Student organization name (if applicable)
    • Don’t forget to include witness information.


People/Agencies Notified

People/Agencies Notified

  • List any people contacted or services sought (police, hospital, security, etc.).


Description of Incident

Description of the Incident

  • Keep the description factual and refrain from including editorial comments.
  • Include:
    • Who was involved
    • Where it happened
    • What happened (sequence of events, specific behavior, etc.) 
    • UCR personnel that were notified and when


After You Submit

After you submit a report, one of our staff coordinators will contact you with next steps, and ensure we have everything needed to proceed. Your involvement after that point will vary on a case-by-case basis.

If You Need Help

You are welcome to connect with us with questions and concerns prior to completing a report! We can help.

Student Conduct and Academic Integrity Programs

111 Costo Hall
(951) 827-4208

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