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The Conduct Policies for a Positive Campus

We want everyone who attends UCR to be a positive, contributing community member, so it's important that students familiarize themselves with UCR's

Read the Standards of Conduct

conduct policies. All students should read over and be certain that they understand the Standards of Conduct, which apply to all UC students, as well as the Academic Integrity policies and procedures.

In addition, students should familiarize themselves with policies that may apply to their unique circumstances. For instance, student organization members should read over policies associated with group members, and any student accused of violating the Standards of Conduct should review the summary of the Conduct Process. For more information, please visit the Policies section.

The office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity Programs is available as a resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the policies and procedures associated with student conduct at UCR. Please take advantage of the resources on this site and contact us with any questions.

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