Student Conduct Advisor Program

An envelope with the UCR seal rests on a stack of books.

Serve as a Student Conduct Ready Advisor

Students who have allegedly violated policies have the right to an advisor and may request one from our pool of trained volunteers. Your positive support can help these students feel less afraid and more secure as they go through the student conduct process. Ultimately, your guidance benefits the UCR campus community as a whole.

Advisors help students:

  • Navigate the UCR student conduct process.
  • Review case materials and gather information for an Administrative Review or Committee Review meeting.
  • Identify relevant witnesses for the Administrative Review or Committee Review meeting.
  • Prepare questions and statements for a Committee Review meeting.
  • Feel supported during questioning in an Administrative Review or Committee Review meeting.
  • Draft an appeal following an Administrative Review or Committee Review meeting.
  • Learn from their situation and find resources.

Advisors DO NOT:

  • Do the work for the student. The student must initiate contact with the advisor and follow through with tasks. The advisor is only there to assist and support.
  • Help the student try to beat the system or avoid accountability. Advisors help students put together the most cogent and truthful reporting of the facts – not get out of trouble.
  • Act as spokesperson or defense counsel for the student. The student is responsible for presenting their view of the facts and for answering questions during the Committee Review to clarify facts. The advisor may assist the student in that effort but may not do it for the student.

Be an Advisor

To be an advisor, you must participate in a brief training session. You will learn about the student conduct and academic integrity processes, as well as student resources.

After you complete training, your contact information will be added to a referral list that is made available to students requesting an advisor.

Contact us if you are interested in becoming a student conduct ready advisor.