Student Organization Workshop Sanctions

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Student Organization Workshop Sanctions

Student organizations found in violation of policies are often assigned workshop sanctions. These sanctions require orgs to educate their members on a variety of topics.


Workshop Options

Educational presentations can be arranged through Student Life or other campus offices. Alternatively, an organization can also fulfill assigned workshop sanctions by arranging for presentations from appropriate supporting people such as advisors; regional, national, or international officers; or alumni. If such a presenter is preferred, the student organization must get pre-approval from SCAIP. Communicate with the SCAIP coordinator who is working with your organization for any needed clarification or to be sure the workshop you are planning will be acceptable. You may be asked to provide a presentation outline or verify your presenter’s authority to speak on the assigned sanction topic.

Workshop Documentation

Proper documentation of the workshop is necessary for SCAIP record-keeping and verification that the sanction has been fulfilled. Verification requires a minimum of an up-to-date roster for the organization and a sign-in sheet from the workshop, also signed by the presenter. Materials from the workshop or additional verification may also be required, depending on the topic.

Without proper documentation, your organization cannot expect credit for completing the sanction. Collection and submission of sanction documentation is the responsibility of the organization, not presenters.

After seeking and obtaining proper approval from SCAIP, the organization officer(s) handling the fulfillment of the sanction should further prepare for the workshop with the following form:

Workshop Attendance Confirmation Form

Print a Workshop Attendance Confirmation Form.

  1. Print as many pages of the form as you will need to allow all members of your organization to sign in.
  2. Make certain this document is present at the workshop and that all members sign the form as they arrive, including the time of their arrival.
  3. After the presentation, verify and write in the total number of members in attendance at the top of each sheet of the form. Have the presenter verify the attendance number by signing to the left at the top of each page.
  4. Attendance will be compared to the organization's official roster on file with Student Life.
  5. Return the completed forms to SCAIP. It is the organization's responsibility to submit this documentation for the sanction to be completed. Any deadlines for completion of the sanction apply to SCAIP’s receipt of this documentation, NOT the date the workshop occurred.
  6. If you have any questions regarding these instructions, please contact SCAIP.