Faculty and Staff Involvement

Students take notes during a small discussion session with a faculty member.

Faculty and Staff: Get Involved

Faculty and staff involvement in the student conduct process is invaluable and appreciated. Learn about ways that you can get involved.

Serve as a Student Conduct Ready Advisor

Learn about serving as an advisor to students going through the conduct process.

Serve on a Committee

About the committees: 

  • The Student Conduct and College Academic Integrity Committees make decisions regarding serious and/or recurring alleged violations of university policies, which may result in suspension or dismissal.
  • The College Academic Integrity Committee consists of faculty and students from the college in which an alleged violation of the academic integrity policy occurred.
  • The Student Conduct Committee consists of staff and students from throughout the UCR community.

Your participation helps:

  • Assure the value of a UCR degree.
  • Contribute to the co-curricular education and development of students.
  • Assist in the retention and matriculation of students who might not otherwise succeed academically due to their choices.

How do faculty participate in committees?

If you would like to serve on the College Academic Integrity Committee, contact your department chair or college executive committee to request a nomination to serve on the committee. If you would like to serve on the Student Conduct Committee, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Name
  • Department
  • Title
  • Extension/Phone number
  • Email Address

How do staff members participate in committees?

Staff are vital to the Student Conduct Committee, which is always comprised of student and staff members.